Alexandra Hart, M.D. – Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Meet Dr. Hart

Board-Certified Surgeon Dr. Alexandra Hart is an integral member of the Plastic Surgery Group of Atlanta. With her attention to detail and dedication to her patients, Dr. Hart offers customized treatment plans that allow all of her patients to achieve the best possible aesthetic results. Dr. Hart completed her outstanding medical and clinical education at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. For three consecutive years during her training, she achieved the highest score amongst her fellow residents on the annual surgical in-service examination. Dr. Hart has also published numerous clinical and basic science papers detailing concepts and techniques critical to the practice of plastic and aesthetic surgery. The combination of Dr. Alexandra Hart’s extensive education, research, and training guarantee that her patients receive a high level of care.

What Sets Her Apart

Dr. Hart’s fundamental passion for medicine developed at an early age when she participated in two medical mission trips to Costa Rica. There, she witnessed the tremendously positive impact her charitable work had on the indigent population, primarily the women and children in need. These experiences made a lasting impression on Dr. Hart, so much so, she decided to become a doctor. While in medical school, she continued her interest in women’s health and dedicated a significant amount of her time researching methods to improve the quality of women’s lives after breast cancer. Dr. Hart studied the personal journeys of breast cancer survivors, those after total breast removal (mastectomy) - a critical and emotional time when women typically feel the most vulnerable and insecure - versus women who underwent mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction - the time when women regain their self-esteem and enjoy an improved quality of life, when they feel “whole” again.

It was this research and the impact reconstructive surgery had on her research patients that led to her career in Plastic Surgery.

Skills and Expertise

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, along with her experience in plastic surgery and her interest in aesthetic improvements in the breast, body, and face, Dr. Hart has fine-tuned her artistic approach to both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Proud to call herself an “expert listener,” Dr. Hart uses each patient’s individual story, concerns, and goals to tailor a custom treatment plan that can include state-of-the-art non-surgical injectables, cosmetic laser systems, anti-aging cosmeceuticals, and surgery. Dr. Hart is passionate about the care of her patients, as well as their individual experiences and results. She enjoys informing and educating each step of the way so patients can make the best, most informed decision regarding their treatment options.

A few of the surgical procedures she is most passionate about are breast surgery (breast augmentation, breast lift, reduction, and reconstruction), mommy makeovers (including liposuction, tummy tuck), and facial rejuvenation (eyelid lift, facelift, necklift, injectables, and nonsurgical).

Awards and Honors

Dr. Hart holds many awards and honors for her advancements in the field of research in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Hart was selected to represent the entire Southeast for The Glancy Award Resident Paper Competition, exhibiting the highest quality in research and presentation following her work on Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols to help reduce postoperative pain with multimodal therapy and decreased narcotics following plastic surgery. Dr. Hart was also chosen at Emory University to receive The Glen Family Research Pilot Grant for her work on breast cancer quality of life outcomes, and is a two-time recipient of the Award for Most Resident Research Activities from the Emory Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency program. In addition, she received the Award for Best Poster at the Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, 31st Annual Meeting for her research on patient’s expected weight loss after breast reduction.

Special Interests

Outside of her demanding schedule in the OR and in Clinic, Dr. Hart enjoys spending time with her husband and children while staying fit with weekly workouts at Orange Theory. Additionally, Dr. Hart holds certifications and licensures from the American Council on Exercise as a certified personal trainer.

She can also be found dining out at her favorite Atlanta restaurants, as cooking is NOT one of her favorite activities.

Dr. Hart is excited to continue adding to her rapidly growing patient-base and is looking forward to meeting you!


Training and Education

  • University of Georgia: Undergraduate Degree
  • Emory University School of Medicine: Medical Degree
  • Emory University Residency: Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Emory University School of Medicine: Administrative Chief Resident of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Plastic Surgery


Medical Affiliations

  • The Annals of Plastic Surgery, Reviewer
  • The Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Reviewer
  • Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Candidate Member and Serves on Committees
  • Georgia Society of Plastic Surgeons

Publications and Presentations


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Medical Privileges


"Dr. Hart can is amazing. Great hands, very gentle. The office staff is friendly and very attentive."



"Always a pleasant experience! Dr. Hart is amazing, attentive, and personable. You are never rushed here and given thorough explanations and first class white glove service ! The staff is also wonderful!! They deliver exceptional service on each visit and tailor to each client!"



"Dr. Hart and her team are amazing! Welcoming and gives great results. She is honest and listens to your needs above anything else. Always love coming back!"



"Dr. Hart is AMAZING!!! Highly recommend her and her practice!"



"I had my consult with Dr. Hart today and I am thrilled to be working with her! She took the time needed to explain the entire process but also answer all of my questions. The other ladies in her office were fantastic and super friendly! I can’t wait for my surgery next month!"



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