Surgical Techinique

Breast asymmetry is a condition that can be corrected using a number of approaches. During your consultation, we will discuss the various surgical techniques and work to choose a plan that meets your aesthetic goals.

Breast Implants

A common method to correct breast asymmetry is placing a breast implant in the smaller breast. Implants can also be placed in both breasts, using different sizes until the shape and look of the breasts are even.

Breast Reduction

If a patient decides she would like her breasts to be closer in size to the smaller of the two breasts, a breast reduction may be performed. This involves removing excess fat and skin from the larger breast until it is the same size as the smaller one. Some cases may require a lift if the breast was excessively large.

Breast Lift

A breast lift may be performed on the larger breast if it is sagging or pointing downward. This helps to reposition the larger, sagging breast so it is closer and in better proportion to the smaller breast. Again, it is very common to combine two or more of the techniques mentioned in the above order to accomplish the aesthetic goals of the patient.

During/After Surgery

All breast surgeries are performed under general anesthesia at an accredited surgical facility. If a breast lift is included, the recovery will last a little longer. On average, patients can expect to return to work within a week, and slowly resume exercise within 2-4 weeks. The outcome of this surgery can be quite liberating, resulting in breasts that are natural, symmetric and attractive. This surgery allows women to regain their confidence in situations where their breasts may be on display, such as when wearing bathing suits and tighter-fitting clothing.

Breast Asymmetry FAQs

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