What Does the Breast Reconstruction Revision Consultation Entail?

Firstly, please understand that breast reconstruction revision is a highly complex type of surgery that requires extensive knowledge and skill. As such, it is very important to research and find a qualified and reputable plastic surgeon who has extensive experience performing this type of procedure.

During the breast reconstruction revision consultation with Dr. Hart or Dr. Connors, it will be important for you to disclose where you are in your treatment process and which doctors have performed your cancer treatments and/or primary reconstruction, as well as provide any necessary pathology reports. The reconstruction revision process may take place in multiple steps if the breast tissue needs to be stretched to make room for implants. This discovery phase should help guide the reconstruction revision process so patients end up with a new breast that is the size, shape, and look they want.

What Does the Breast Reconstruction Revision Procedure Involve?

Each reconstruction technique will be tailored according to the patient’s physical health, aesthetic goals, and personal preferences. While our providers will consider many factors when determining the course of surgery, the ultimate goal will be to ensure the patient is healthy and happy with their final breast results. To perform breast reconstruction revision, our surgeons typically use either breast implants or autologous fat transfer.

Reconstruction Revision With Implants

Breast reconstruction revision can employ the same types of implants used in a breast augmentation. Many women have breast implants placed during their primary breast reconstruction, but may want a change in implant size or breast shape.

What Does Recovery After Breast Reconstruction Revision Surgery Entail?

Like many types of breast surgery, breast reconstruction revision is performed under general anesthesia at an accredited surgical facility.

Please note that a reconstructed breast will not have the same sensation as the breast did before the mastectomy; however, over time, some of the sensation in your breasts should return to normal. This will depend on the extent of the reconstruction revision process and will vary by patient.

Moreover, the recovery process can be somewhat lengthy (often around four to six weeks), but many view it as the final step in their cancer journey; thus, the experience can be very rewarding. Most women are thankful for the opportunity to restore their breasts and are satisfied with their results.

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