Ideal Candidates

When Atlanta area men and women desire a rounder, fuller, or more shapely buttocks, they often turn to exercise, such as squats, or targeted weight gain by focusing on building the gluteals. Unfortunately, for some, it is hard to build a rounder butt without cosmetic intervention. For this reason, patients turn to master injector Jenny Azar, for cosmetic help. The consultation is an important part of this process so that Jenny can understand exactly what you are trying to achieve. For some, this treatment is to help fill out the top aspect of the buttocks so the back and butt do not blend together. Others are simply looking for volume to make their butts “look sharp” in clothing and to achieve more fullness in the middle and center section of the buttocks. Moreover, some of our female patients want to create a fuller, curvier silhouette by filling in the “Hip-Dip” area. Regardless of the reason you desire a fuller backside, each area requires a unique approach and careful consideration so that the underlying anatomy and natural symmetries can be maintained. Jenny will review all of this in detail with you during your initial consultation so a plan can be created just for you.

Procedure Technique

During your nonsurgical butt lift appointment, Sculptra is administered during an in-office visit that typically takes about 30 minutes. The injection location areas will be marked and the injection treatment, including the dosage, is tailored during the session to attain the right results and achieve the patient’s specific goals. The injections are given through a syringe and are inserted in layers keeping the filler localized to flat areas of the buttocks. The procedure itself is not painful, but there may be some discomfort afterward and some patients may benefit from pain medications for a couple of days after the injection. For the best results, the average patient has about 3 injection series of treatments over a few months until the desired outcome has been reached.

What To Expect

After your Sculptra injection, there will be some mild discomfort, redness, and swelling at the injection site. This swelling subsides over the first few days to weeks, and the body then begins making collagen in the buttocks region. Injections are repeated at 4 – 6-week intervals to maximize volume. The Sculptra butt lift is reserved for men and women who do not have enough fat to have a regular Brazilian butt lift via a fat transfer, which consists of doing liposuction to one area and then grafting the fat to the buttocks region.

It takes a very skilled and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to perform a Sculptra butt lift. This treatment is relatively new in the aesthetic industry and requires surgical aptitude and a trained eye to understand where to place the filler and how much filler should be injected at each session. Maggie will discuss all of this in detail during your consultation appointment.

“Amazing clinical staff and Doctors with great patient care and very attentive!"
- Linda B.

A Fuller Butt Today

While Sculptra is still an off-label injectable for the buttocks, but Jenny has specific, ample experience using the product in the face and buttocks. Using Sculptra in the buttocks is a treatment technique that most often only a plastic surgeon possesses. The poly-L-lactic acid formula helps to stimulate collagen production for a plumper and lifted appearance. We invite you to call our Atlanta, GA plastic surgery center to learn more today.

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