How Does Facial Fat Grafting Work?

Facial fat grafting is a two-part process that includes harvesting the fat and placement. Since only a small amount of fat is required, Dr. Connors and Dr. Hart typically use local or twilight anesthesia. To begin, they will perform liposuction to remove fat, which may be taken from your hips, abdomen, or flanks. Once the fat is harvested, it can be processed and then prepared for injection. Our plastic surgeons will use different injection angles and techniques to provide high immersion rates into your skin and to create symmetry. According to your treatment plan, fat will be injected in your cheeks, lips, and/or beneath your eyes to create volume as well as to improve lines and facial pits.

Increased Volume

Fat transfer is a wonderful way to increase volume, smooth out lines, and accentuate your beautiful profile. If you dream about a younger, glowing appearance with a short recovery, we encourage you to learn more about facial fat grafting at Plastic Surgery Group of Atlanta, and find out how it can help you achieve your desired appearance. It is a great option for patients who want a natural improvement and long-lasting results. Contact our Atlanta, GA office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Connors or Dr. Hart for this groundbreaking procedure.

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