Enhance the Size and Shape of Your Breasts With Breast Augmentation Surgery

Most women aren’t blessed with naturally full, round, even breasts. Even women who are happy with their breasts early in life often find that their breasts begin to change with age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss. If you have found yourself wishing that you could achieve or restore a more feminine, desirable look, breast augmentation may be right for you. At Plastic Surgery Group of Atlanta, esteemed plastic surgeons Drs. John Connors and Dr. Alexandra Hart offer a wide range of breast enhancement options to meet the unique needs of patients – whether you are hoping to dramatically alter your look or prefer a subtle change to your breasts. In this blog, you’ll learn more about your options for breast augmentation and find out how you can best achieve your ideal breast size and shape.

What are my options for breast implants?

Once you decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery, there are a number of important decisions you’ll need to make, including:

  • Type of breast implant: Most often, breast augmentation surgery is performed using either saline or silicone gel breast implants. Generally speaking, silicone implants are thought to look and feel more natural compared to saline implants, though saline implants can still be a suitable option for some patients. A third option, fat transfer to the breast, provides patients with a more natural alternative to synthetic breast implants, though there are some limitations on what can be achieved with a breast fat transfer.
  • Breast implant size: This is often one of the most challenging decisions patients must make leading up to their breast augmentation. The size of breast implants, measured in ccs, should be chosen based on several factors, including the patient’s current breast size, her desired look, the elasticity of her skin, her lifestyle, her overall frame and body type, and many others. An experienced plastic surgeon can help determine the most appropriate breast implant size for you.
  • Breast implant placement: Breast implants can be placed either above the chest muscle or beneath it.
  • Breast implant profile: This refers to how far out the breast implants project, which can impact the patient’s final contours and silhouette. Breast implants typically come in low, medium, and high profile varieties.

Some patients may also consider adding a breast lift to their breast augmentation in order to address deflated or drooping breasts and restore a perkier, more youthful look.

How long do breast implants last?

In the majority of cases, patients are highly satisfied with their new look after breast augmentation, leading them to wonder how long they’ll be able to enjoy their newly enhanced breasts. While the results of breast augmentation can last for many years – or even decades – patients should keep in mind that the aging process will not stop. Gravity, skin laxity, and other factors may cause subtle changes in the breasts over time. Additionally, weight fluctuation, pregnancy, and other life events can significantly impact the results of breast augmentation surgery. Another thing to consider is that breast implants are not designed as lifelong devices.

Most women will need to have their breast implants replaced at some point later in life. During your initial consultation for breast augmentation in Atlanta, GA, our knowledgeable team will help you better understand how long you can expect your breast implants to last. For most women, breast augmentation surgery provides many years of a stunning, feminine, sexy look.

Want to boost your sex appeal – or just hoping to look more like your younger self? Consider breast augmentation surgery in Atlanta, GA

Because breast augmentation surgery can be customized, virtually any woman with concerns about the shape or size of her breasts can benefit from the procedure. For more information on the exciting results that may be possible for you with breast augmentation surgery, call Plastic Surgery Group of Atlanta to schedule your private consultation with either of our plastic surgeons – Dr. John Connors or Dr. Alexandra Hart – today.