Suite Of Procedures

During the initial consultation, a tailored procedure plan is created to meet the patient’s aesthetic goals. Numerous procedures can be combined in the Executive Edge. These can range from surgical (i.e. chin augmentation, liposuction and a facelift), to non-surgical (i.e. chemical peels, injectable fillers and BOTOX). The Executive Edge was created to restore a younger, more refreshed appearance through a safe and effective combination of procedures.

During/After Surgery

All cosmetic procedures are performed in an accredited surgical facility. Surgery will require general anesthesia and a longer recovery period while non-surgical options will not. For this reason, it is common for patients to undergo surgery in one setting, and facial rejuvenation in another. Patients are encouraged to plan their procedures to allow for time off from work. This way, they can recuperate at home and heal in private.

“Dr. Connors and his staff are without a doubt the most knowledgable and professional plastic surgeons in Atlanta. He has pioneered the techniques for liposuction and ab sculpting which leaves no better option when it comes to a procedure this important. I would give them 10 stars if I could. Extremely happy with my results."
- John M. B.

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